Southern Alberta Trail Mapping Project






Trail List


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Revision 1.31 (March 29, 2024)

  1. Added Marvell Pass Trail.
  2. Added Assiniboine Creek Trail.
  3. Added Leman Lake Trail.
  4. Added Spray River Trail.
  5. Added Simpson River Trail.
  6. Updated Forty Mile Creek Trail.
  7. Updated John Canyon Trail.
  8. Added Mystic Pass Trail.
  9. Added Forty Mile Summit Trail.
  10. Added Flint's Park Trail.
  11. Updated Cascade Valley Trail.
  12. Added Luellen Lake Trail.
  13. Added Pulsatilla Pass Trail.
  14. Updated Baker Creek Trail.
  15. Added Merlin Lake Trail.
  16. Added Red Deer Lakes Trail.
  17. Added Red Deer River Trail.
  18. Added Cutline Trail.
  19. Added Well Site Trail.
  20. Added Hidden Falls Trail.
  21. Added Scalp Creek Trail.
  22. Added Skeleton Creek Trail.
  23. Added Goat Lake Trail.
  24. Added Horseshoe Basin Trail.
  25. Added Park Line Trail.
  26. Added Oil Basin Trail.
  27. Updated Healy Creek Trail.
  28. Updated Wapta Falls Trail.
  29. Updated Weaselhead Trails.
  30. Updated High Rock Trail.
  31. Added Marmot Lake Trail.
  32. Updated Cadomin Lake Trail.
  33. Updated Coral Pass Route.
  34. Updated Cline Pass Trail.
  35. Added Brazeau Loop Trail.
  36. Renamed "The Great Trail" back to "Trans Canada Trail".
  37. Updated Glenbow Trail.

Revision 1.30 (January 23, 2023)

  1. Updated Snowy Owl Trail.
  2. Added Crandell Lake Trails.
  3. Updated Snowshoe Hare Trail.
  4. Added trails to dog park in Black Diamond.
  5. Updates to Canmore Hoodoos Loop.
  6. Added Heart Creek Bunker Trail.
  7. Updates some trails in Canmore and Banff.
  8. Updates to trails in Bebo Grove.
  9. Added trails to dog park in Okotoks.
  10. Updated Tunnel Mountain Trail.
  11. Updated Ribbon Creek Trail.
  12. Updated Memorial Lakes Trail.
  13. Added Okotoks Erratic Trail.
  14. Updated Tomstone Lakes Trail.
  15. Updated Three Isle Lake Trail.
  16. Added Old Rae Lake Trail.
  17. Added Rae Lake Overlook Route.
  18. Added Sugar Pony Trail.
  19. Added Long Prairie Ridge Trail.
  20. Added Takakkaw Fall Wiew Trail.
  21. Updated Yoho Valley Trail.
  22. Updated Twin Falls Trail.
  23. Updated Heart Creek Trail.
  24. Updated Rockwall and Helmet Creel Trails.
  25. Added pathways in Okotoks from city database.
  26. Added Blakiston Creek Trail.
  27. Added Yarrow Creek Avion Ridge Trail.
  28. Updated Barnaby Ridge Route.
  29. Updated High Rock Trail.
  30. Updated Bryant Creek Trail.
  31. Updated Kiwetinok Route.
  32. Added Amiskwi Ridge Route.
  33. Added Cline Pass Trail.
  34. Added Mount Albert Loop Trail.
  35. Added Beauvais Lake Shoreline Loop Trail.
  36. Added Chinook Lake Trail.
  37. Added Frozen Toad Snowshoe Trail.
  38. Updated Moose Creek Loop Trail.
  39. Added Ole Buck Mountain Route.
  40. Added unnamed trails in Bow Valley Wildland PP south of Yamnuska.
  41. Added James Pass Trail (west side to James Lake).
  42. Added Torpor Loop Trail.
  43. Added Elk Pass SnowshoeTrail (partial).
  44. Added Sawmill South Loop Snowshoe Trail.
  45. Updates to Ribbon Creek Area Trails.
  46. Added Shinrin Snowshoe Trail.
  47. Added Aspen Terrace Long Loop Snowshoe Trail.
  48. Added Aspen Terrace Short Loop Snowshoe Trail.
  49. Added Grizzly-Laryx Loop Trail.
  50. Updated Lesueur Ridge Route.
  51. Updated Terrace Trail.
  52. Updated Boulton Ck Trail.
  53. Added Nihahi Creek Trail.
  54. Updated Mesa Butte Trails.
  55. West Bragg general updates.

Revision 1.29 (February 15, 2021)
  1. Name change.  Crackendale to Brickburn.
  2. Updated trails in Spruce Cliff off leash area.
  3. Added Boundary Ridge Horse Trail.
  4. Added High Rock Trail (new section of the Great Divide Trail).
  5. Added Fatigue Pass Trail.
  6. Added Allenby Pass Trail.
  7. Added Pharoah Creek Trail.
  8. Added 6 Passes Route (GDT Alternate).
  9. Removed Silvester Trail.
  10. Updated Rae Lake Trail.
  11. Updated HaLing Trail.
  12. Updated Lake Louise area trails.
  13. Updated Mount Burke Trail.
  14. Updated Elk Lakes area trails.
  15. Updated  Petain Creek Trail.
  16. Added Petain Cirque Route.
  17. Added Valleyview Trail.
  18. Updated Pocaterra Ridge Trail.
  19. Added Elkon Creek Trail.
  20. Added Spruce Woods Trail.
  21. Updated Moose Creek Loop.
  22. Updated Tom Snow Trail - New north section.
  23. Added Kestrel Trail.
  24. Added Mountain View West Trail.
  25. Updated Mesa Butte Trails.
  26. Added Three Cairns Ridge Route.
  27. Updated Piper Pass Trail.
  28. Added new route on Mount Kent.
  29. Updated background map to include parks within BC.

Revision 1.28 (April 14, 2020)

  1. Updated trail usage types in Livingstone PLUZ.
  2. Added Pinto Lake Trail (partial).
  3. Updated Ha Ling trail (new route).
  4. Added Banded Peak Connector Trail.
  5. Added Banded Peak Trail.
  6. Added Centennial Trail (Bragg Creek).
  7. Updated Ribbon Creek Trail.
  8. Updated Aster Lake Trail.
  9. Added Shaft Trail.
  10. Added 7-27 Trail.
  11. Added Family Guy Trail.
  12. Updated park data in background map.
  13. Added reserve lands to background map.
  14. Updated High Noon Hills Trails.
  15. Updated Nihahi Ridge Trail.
  16. Added Koko Claims Trail.

Revision 1.27 (March 24, 2019)

  1. Added Whiskey Lake Trail.
  2. Updated Sheep Trail.
  3. Updated Wapta Falls Trail.
  4. Added Font Creek Trail.
  5. Added South Castle Road Trail.
  6. Updated trails in Castle Provincial Park to reflect new usage regulations.
  7. Updated Memorial Lakes Trail.
  8. Added Bluerock Creek Trail.
  9. Added Bluerock Knob Trail.
  10. Added Bluerock Mountain Route.
  11. Updated West Wind Creek Trail.
  12. Added Buller Creek Peak Route.
  13. Added Smutwood Peak Route.
  14. Added Upper Kananaskis River Lookout Route.
  15. Added Sandy McNabb Hills Route.
  16. Updated Moutne Burke and Slater Creek Trails.
  17. Added Whaleback Trail (Partial).
  18. Added Bow-Yoho Traverse Route.
  19. Added Crackendale Trail.

Revision 1.26 (January 14, 2018)

  1. Added Volcano South Trail.
  2. Added George-Ware Connector Trail.
  3. Added Summit Trail.
  4. Added Volcano Creek Trail (Partial).
  5. Completed Gorge Creek Trail.
  6. Added Bighorn Creek Trail (partial).
  7. Updated Mockingbord Lookout Trail.
  8. Updated Upper Kananaskis Lake Trail.
  9. Added Whitetail Link Trail.
  10. Updated Sugar Momma Trail.
  11. Added Sawmill Snowshoe Loop.
  12. Completed High Rockies Trail.
  13. Updated Chester Lake Trail.
  14. Updated Trans Canada Trail.
  15. Updated Banff Legacy Trail.
  16. Added The Onion Route.
  17. Added Quartite Peak Route.
  18. Added Grassy Knob Trail.
  19. Added Pig's Back Route.
  20. Updates to Assiniboine Area.
  21. Added campgrounds along the Great Divide Trail.

Revision 1.25 (February 4, 2017)

  1. Added Snowy Owl Trail (Snowshoe).
  2. Added Snowy Shortcut Trail (Snowshoe).
  3. Added Mount Rowe South Ridge Route.
  4. Added Twin Lakes Trail.
  5. Added Snowshoe Trail (Waterton).
  6. Completed Sage Pass Trail.
  7. Added Barnaby Ridge Route.
  8. Added Raspberry Pass Trail.
  9. Completed Etherington Creek Trail.
  10. Added Baril Loop Trail.
  11. Added Loggers Trail.
  12. Added Coral Pass Route.
  13. Added Petain Falls Trail.
  14. Added Cadoma Lake Trail.
  15. Added Pass in the Clouds Trail.
  16. Added Sylvan Pass Trail.
  17. Added Joffre Creek Trail.
  18. Added Goodsir Pass Trail.
  19. Added Ottertail Fire Road.
  20. Added Tally-Ho Trail.
  21. Added Amiskwi River Trail.
  22. Added Howse Pass Trail.
  23. Added Sunset Pass Trail.
  24. Added Saskatchewan Trail.
  25. Added Cataract Pass Trail.
  26. Added Poboktan Pass Trail (partial).
  27. Updated Maligne Pass Trail.
  28. Added Skyline Trail.
  29. Added Signal Mountain Fire Road.
  30. Added Mary Schaffer Loop Trail.
  31. Added Shovel Pass Trail (partial).
  32. Added Sugar Daddy Trail.
  33. Added U-Shoulda Trail.
  34. Updated Eau Claire Tote Trail.
  35. Added Bow Glacier Falls Trail.
  36. Added Standish Viewpoint Trail.
  37. Added High Noon Hills Trail.
  38. Added Gorge Creek Trail.
  39. Added South Gorge Creek Trail.
  40. Added High Rockies Trail (partial Buller Pass and North).
  41. Added James Walker Route.
  42. Updated Lower Kananaskis Lakes Trail.
  43. Updated naming for Trans Canada Trail Section to better match current official route.
  44. Updated Sugar Momma Trail.
  45. Updated Ghost PLUZ trails to match October 2016 map issue.
  46. Added Bishop Creek Trail.
  47. Added Bishop Ridge Route.
  48. Added Old Baldy Ridge Route.
  49. Added Mountt Baldy South Peak Route.

Revision 1.24 (July 12, 2016)

  1. Added Snakes and Ladders Trail.
  2. Added bike paths in Airdrie.
  3. Updated ATV trails south of Carbondale River.
  4. Added Willoughby Ridge Trail.
  5. Added Hastings Ridge Trail.
  6. Updated Mclean Creek OHV Area to better match April 2016 AEP map.
  7. Updated Fullerton Loop access to match new, post flood trail.
  8. Updated Allsmoke Mountain Route.
  9. Added Eisenhower Peak Route.
  10. Added Tumbling Creek Trail.
  11. Added Rockwall Pass Trail.
  12. Completed Guinn's Pass Trail.
  13. Added Honeymoon Pass Trail.
  14. Added Verdant Creek Trail.
  15. Completed Talc Lake Trail.
  16. Added The Orphan Route.
  17. Added Read's Ridge Route.
  18. Added NE Mount Glasgow Outlier Route.
  19. Added North Powderface Ridge Route.
  20. Added Commonwealth Lake Trail.
  21. Added Commonwealth Ridge Route.
  22. Completed Numa Pass Trail.
  23. Completed Wolverine Pass Trail.
  24. Added Marble Canyon Trail.
  25. Added Palliser Pass Trail.
  26. Added White Man Pass Trail.
  27. Extended North Kananskis Pass Trail.
  28. Added Frozen Lake Trail.
  29. Added Lower Elk Lake Trail.
  30. Completed Upper Threepoint Creek Trail.
  31. Added Hog's Back Trail (east end).
  32. Added Wildhorse Trail.

Revision 1.23 (May 24, 2015)

  1. Started to add points of interest for trailheads.  This should allow them to be searchable on the GPS and in Basecamp.
  2. Updated trails in Mclean Creek.
  3. Updated Elbow Trail.
  4. Updated bike path around Tuscany and Stoney Trail.
  5. Updated Windtower Route.
  6. Updated Bobcat Trail.
  7. Updated Merlin View Trail.
  8. Added Mountain View Trail.
  9. Update Stoney Trail including addition of missing north section.
  10. Added Black Prince Lakes Route.
  11. Updated Buller Pass Trail.
  12. Added North Buller Pass Route.
  13. Added Little Beehive Trail.
  14. Added Pipestone loop area ski trails.
  15. Added Waiparous township trails.
  16. Added Rummel Pass Route.
  17. Added Riversong (Canmore) pathways.
  18. Added Exshaw Mountain Route.
  19. Added CelesteLake Trail.
  20. Updated Yoho Valley Trail.
  21. Added Tamarack Trail.
  22. Added Castle River Divide Trail (southern section).
  23. Added Sage Pass Trail.
  24. Added South Kootenay Pass Trail.
  25. Added Lost Lake Trail.
  26. Added Morning Glory Lakes Trail.
  27. Added Linda Lake Trail.
  28. Added Cathedral Lakes Trail.
  29. Added Lake O'Hara Circuit Trail.
  30. Added Lake Oesa Tr.
  31. Added Yukness Ledges Alpine Route.
  32. Added West Opabin Trail.
  33. Added Big Larches Trail.
  34. Added Opabin Prospect Trail.
  35. Added McArthur Pass Trail.
  36. Added McArthur Low-Level Trail.
  37. Added McArthur High-Level Trail.
  38. Added Ordaray Highline Route.
  39. Updated Mount Shark Ski Trails.
  40. Added Red Peak Ridge Route.
  41. Added Mount Bell Ridge Route.
  42. Added Bourgeau Lake Trail.
  43. Added West Cory Outlier Route.
  44. Added Muleshoe Ridge Route.
  45. Added Prairie Mountain West Ridge Route.
  46. Added Corri Robb Route.
  47. Updated Opal Ridge Route.

Revision 1.22 (June 22, 2014)

  1. Added Calgary city trail data.  Please report any errors.  There was a lot of manual integration needed and the chance of mistakes is high....
  2. Updates to trails in Canmore.
  3. Added bike path in Edgemont.
  4. Added Etherington Creek Trail (to Baril Creek Connector).
  5. Added Mount Saint Piran - East Ridge Route.
  6. Updated Cirque Peak Route.
  7. Added Kaufmann Lake Trail.
  8. Added Prospector's Valley Route.
  9. Added Lineham Ridge Route (Kananaskis).
  10. Added Gunnery Mountain Route.
  11. Added Windy Point Ridge Route.
  12. Added Missinglink Trail (southern section).
  13. Added Sawmill Area Trail.
  14. Added Curley Sand Trail.
  15. Updated Trails in Cochrane.
  16. Updated Elbow Trail to show new south, post flood section.
  17. Added Grotto Mountain South Ridge Route.
  18. Added Cascade Fire Road (southern section to Stoney Creek).
  19. Added Castle Lookout Trail.
  20. Added Harvey Pass to Healy Pass Route.
  21. Added Arnica Pass Trail.
  22. Added Gibbon Pass Trail.
  23. Added Ball Pass Trail
  24. Added Ball Pass Junction to Shadow Lake Trail.
  25. Added Whistling Valley Trail.
  26. Added Simpson Pass Trail.
  27. Added Mount Wapta Route.
  28. Added Mount Brtant Route.
  29. Added Hidden Lake Trail.
  30. Added Heather Ridge Route.
  31. Added Mount Galatea South Summit Route.
  32. Added Eiffel Peak Route.
  33. Added Forum Peak Route.
  34. Added Goat Mountain Route.
  35. Added Mount Brewster Route.
  36. Added Forty Mile Creek Trail (southern end).
  37. Added Mount Buller Route.
  38. Added Mount Kidd Route.
  39. Added Mount Kidd Fire Lookout Trail.
  40. Added Pigeon Mountain East Ridge Route.
  41. Added Suplhur Mountain Route.
  42. Updated Canmore City Pathways.
  43. Updated Kovach Trail.
  44. Updated Aspen Trail.
  45. Added Terrace Link Trail.
  46. Added Terrace Trail.
  47. Added Deception Pass Trail.
  48. Added Sinclair Trail.
  49. Added Lodgepole Trail.
  50. Added Rolly Road Trail.
  51. Added Pocaterra Trail.
  52. Added Come Along Trail.
  53. Added Meadow-Lodgepole Cutoff Trail.
  54. Added Meadow Trail.
  55. Added Lodgepole Trail.
  56. Added Braille Trail.
  57. Added Wooley Trail.
  58. Added William Watson Loop Trail.
  59. Added Wheeler Trail.
  60. Added Amos Trail.
  61. Added Lynx Trail.
  62. Added Packers Trail.
  63. Added Boulton Creek Trail.
  64. Added Moraine Trail.
  65. Added Fox Creek Trail.
  66. Updated Lookout Trail.
  67. Added Tyrwhitt Trail.
  68. Added Patterson Trail.
  69. Added East End of Rundle Ridge route.
  70. Added trail on north/east side of Bow east of Banff.
  71. Added west half of Sulphur Mountain trail.
  72. Updated some trail in Banff townsite.
  73. Added Bataan Approach Route.
  74. Update trails in north Canmore.
  75. Added G8 Trail.
  76. Updated Quaite Valley Trail.
  77. Updated McConnel Ridge North Route.
  78. Updated Razor's Edge Trail.

Revision 1.21 (February 27, 2013)

  1. Added GPX, SHP and KML file formats.
  2. Added premade non-routable packaged version of the maps for direct use on a GPS in addition to the routable versions.
  3. Added Logger's Loop Trail.
  4. Added Bowbend Trail.
  5. Added Badger Bowl Trail.
  6. Added Tiger Lily Loop Trail.
  7. Added Blenbow Trail.
  8. Added Yodel Loop Trail.
  9. Added Bow River Loop Trail.
  10. Added Scott Trail.
  11. Added Chester Lake Snowshoe Trail.
  12. Added most trails in Cochrane.
  13. Corrected Riverview Trail.
  14. Additions to Bearberry trails.
  15. Completed Moose Connector trail.
  16. Corrections to Highline Trail in Canmore.
  17. Correction to junction around Moose Loop Trail.
  18. Updated Buller Pass Trail.
  19. Updated HaLing Trail.
  20. Updated Indefatigable Route.
  21. Added footpaths in Mclean Creek PRA
  22. Updated Goat Creek Trail (West end).
  23. Added Muleshoe Trail.
  24. Updated sundance Pass Trail.
  25. Updated Ford Knoll Trails.
  26. Updated Elbow Trail near Elbow Falls.
  27. Added junction Creek Trail.
  28. Added Mckinnon Flats Trails.
  29. Added Mount Shark Ski Trails.
  30. Added Little Arethusa Route.
  31. Added Wenkchemina Pass Trail.
  32. Added Redearth Cr Trail.
  33. Added Hawk Creek Trail (partial).
  34. Added Giant Steps Trail.
  35. Updated Burstall Pass Trail.
  36. Added Little Highwood Pass Trail.
  37. Added Taylor Lake Trail.
  38. Added Panorama Ridge Route.
  39. Added Mystery Trail.
  40. Added Piper Pass Trail (south half).
  41. Added Sparrowhawk Tarns Route.
  42. Added Sunwapta Falls Trail.
  43. Added Mount Temple Route.
  44. Updates Tombstone Lakes Trail.
  45. Added Tryst Lake Route.
  46. Added William Bagnell Municipal Park Trails.
  47. Added Chaffen Ridge Route.
  48. Added Mount Charles Stuart Route.
  49. Added Cockscomb Mountain Route.
  50. Added Coffin Mountain Route.
  51. Added Commonwealth Peak Route.
  52. Added Compression Ridge Route.
  53. Added Cougar Mountain Route.
  54. Added Cougar Peak Route.
  55. Added Gusty Peak Route.
  56. Added Dolomite Peak Route.
  57. Added Drywood Mountain Route.
  58. Added Mount Edith Route.
  59. Added Mount Fable Route.
  60. Added Mount Field Route.
  61. Added Fossil Mountain Route.
  62. Added Mount Galatea Route.
  63. Added Gap Mountain Route.
  64. Added Gap Peak Route.
  65. Added Grotto Mountain (SW ridge) route.
  66. Added Mount Haig Routes.
  67. Added Hawk Ridge Route.
  68. Added Mount Lienham Route.
  69. Added Mount Hawkins Route.
  70. Added Mount Blakiston Route.
  71. Added Helena/Katherine Ridge Route.
  72. Added Hillcrest Mountain Route.
  73. Added Iron Creek Mountain Route.
  74. Added Isabelle Peak Route.
  75. Added The Judge Route.
  76. Added Kananaskis Peak Route.
  77. Added Kent Ridge (south) Route.
  78. Added Lady Macdonald Route.
  79. Added Lakeview Ridge Route.
  80. Updated Mount Lawrence Grassi West Route.
  81. Added Lipalian Mountain Route.
  82. Added Bovin Lake Trail.
  83. Added Loaf Mountain Route.
  84. Added Spionkop Ridge Route.
  85. Added Maze Peak Route.
  86. Added McGillivray Ridge Route.
  87. Added Ma Butte Route.
  88. Updated Missinglink Mountain Route.
  89. Updated Mist Mountain Trail.
  90. Added Mosquito Mountain Route.
  91. Added Mount Weed Route.
  92. Added Mount Daly Route.
  93. Added Mount Stephen Route.
  94. Added Mount Andromache Route.
  95. Added Mount Aylmer Route.
  96. Updated Mount Baldy Route.
  97. Added Mount Bell Route.
  98. Added Mount Bogart Route.
  99. Added Mount Brett Route.
  100. Added Mount Cornwall Route.
  101. Added Mount Crandell Route.
  102. Added Mount Engadine Route.
  103. Added Mount Ericson Route.
  104. Added Mount Gladstone Route.
  105. Added Mount Glasgow East Ridge Route.
  106. Updated Nihahi Ridge Route (now complete).
  107. Adde Mount Haffner Route.
  108. Added Mount Hoffman Route.
  109. Added Mount Kerr Route.
  110. Added Mount Lawson Route.
  111. Added Mount Livingstone Route.
  112. Added Mount Lougheed Route.
  113. Added Mount Niblock Route.
  114. Added Mount Niles Route.
  115. Added Mount Norquay Route.
  116. Added Mount Redoubt Route.
  117. Added Upper Rowe Lake Trail.
  118. Added Mount Rowe Route.
  119. Added Dipper Trail.
  120. Updated Mount Rundle Route.
  121. Added Mount Sarrail Route.
  122. Added Mount Shark Route.
  123. Added Narao Peak Route.
  124. Added Mount Nester Route.
  125. Added Nigel Peak Route.
  126. Added Observation Peak Route.
  127. Added Paget Peak Route.
  128. Added Consolation Lakes Trail.
  129. Added Panorama Ridge Route.
  130. Added Pilot Mountain Route.
  131. Added Pincher Ridge Route.
  132. Added Ptarmigan Peak Route.
  133. Added Mount Remus Route.
  134. Added Rimwall Summit Route.
  135. Added Roche Bonhomme Route.
  136. Added Mount Romulus Route.
  137. Added Ruby Ridge Route.
  138. Added Sentry Mountain Route.
  139. Added Sheep Mountain Route.
  140. Added Sheol Mountain Route.
  141. Added Shunga-la-she Route.
  142. Added Sheep Trail (partial).
  143. Added Cotton Pass Trail.
  144. Added Jones Pass Trail.
  145. Added Skoki Mountain Route.
  146. Added snow Peak Route.
  147. Added Sofa Mountain Route.
  148. Added Mount Lawson (south ridge) Route.
  149. Added Mount Saint Piran Route.
  150. Added Saint Eloi Mountain Route.
  151. Added Storm Mountain Route.
  152. Added Sunwapta Peak Route.
  153. Added Syncline Mountain Route.
  154. Added Mount tecumseh Route.
  155. Added Thunder Mountain Route.
  156. Added Tombstone Mountain Route.
  157. Added The Tower Route.
  158. Added Vermillion Peak Route.
  159. Added Victoria Peak Route.
  160. Added Waputik Peak Route.
  161. Added Mount Ward Route.
  162. Added Allison Peak Route.
  163. Added Mount Wardle Route.
  164. Added Mount Warspite Route.
  165. Added Mount Whymper Route.
  166. Added various trails in teh Indian Graves area.

Revision 1.20 (February 7, 2012)

  1. New trails in the West Bragg Creek area added with data graciously supplied by The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association.
  2. Added Fenland Loop Trail.
  3. Added Akamina East Ridge Route.
  4. Added Mount Alderson West Ridge Route.
  5. Added Blakiston Creek Trail.
  6. Added Lost Mountain South Route.
  7. Added Anderson Peak South Route.
  8. Added Lost Montain / Anderson Peak Traverse Route.
  9. Added Association Peak South Route.
  10. Added Temple Fire Road.
  11. Added Boulder Pass Trail.
  12. Added Baker Lake Trail.
  13. Added Oyster Peak Route.
  14. Added Outlaw Peak Route (from Banded Peak).
  15. Added McConnel Ridge Route.
  16. Added Bellevue Hill Route.
  17. Updated Belmore Browne Peak Routes.
  18. Added Berthe Peak Route.
  19. Added Brachiopod Mountain Route.
  20. Added Antozoan Mountain Route.
  21. Added Buchanan Peak Route.
  22. Added Mount Burgess Route.
  23. Added Cabib Ridge Route.
  24. Added Caldron Peak Route.
  25. Added Mount Carnarvon Route.
  26. Added Cascade Mountain Route.
  27. Added Cat Creek Hills Route.
  28. Added Cat Creek Trails (partial).
  29. Added Cat Creek Ridge Route.
  30. Added Snag No More Trail.
  31. Updated Elbow Trail.
  32. Updated Ghost River Trail western section.
  33. Updated Ruthie's Trail.
  34. Added Mount Lawrence Grassi West Route.
  35. Added variety of bike path east of Nose Hill Park.
  36. Added Boundary Ridge Trail.
  37. Added Strange Brew Trail.
  38. Added Ranger Summit Trail.
  39. Added Long Disctance Trail.
  40. Added Disconnect Trail.
  41. Added Demi-Tel Trail.
  42. Added Reconnect Trail.
  43. Added Braggin Rights Trail.
  44. Added Yoho Valley Trail.
  45. Added Little Yoho Valley Trail.
  46. Added Marpole Connector Trail.
  47. Added Sugar Momma Trail.

Revision 1.19 (September 11, 2011)

  1. Change the way "Routes" are displays versus "Trails".  Please provide correction as I need to do a lot of checking on which is which!!
  2. Many updates thanks to Bike Pirate!!!
  3. Updated trail in western Ghost River.
  4. Added trails in Bearberry area.
  5. Completed link between Baldy Pass and Porcupine Ridge Trails.
  6. Added missing middle section of Tom Snow Trail.
  7. Added Razor's Edge Trail.
  8. Updated trails on Mconnell Ridge.
  9. Added shortcut to access the Old Mill Trail.
  10. Updated Old Baseline Trail.
  11. Updated Tome Snow southern section.
  12. Added North Kootenay Pass Trail.
  13. Added McDonald Pass Trail.
  14. Many Updates to the Carbondale River Area.
  15. Added Cataract Creek Trail.
  16. Added Lost Creek Trail.
  17. Added Cataract Loop Trail.
  18. Added Gaetz Lake trails.
  19. Added Goat Creek Trail.
  20. Added Miners Peak Route.
  21. Updated Ha Ling Trail.
  22. Updated Upper Kananaskis Lakes Circuit.
  23. Added North Bragg Trail.
  24. Added route to outlier above Rae Lake.
  25. Updated trails to Rae Lake.
  26. Updated bike paths in Country Hills, Calgary.
  27. Added trail around East Lake (Airdrie).
  28. Updated Lower Cataract Creek Trail.
  29. Added Landslide Lake Trail.
  30. Added Protection Mountain Route.
  31. Added Dolomite Pass Trail.
  32. Added Dolomite Cirque Route.
  33. Added Ridgeback Trail.
  34. Updated Lake Minniwanka Trail.
  35. Added Banff Lagacy Trail.
  36. Added Pneuma Trail.
  37. Added Ross Lake Trail.
  38. Added Rundle Riverside Trail.
  39. Added Snowshoe Loop Trail.
  40. Added Tunnel Mountain Loop Trail.
  41. Added "The Toe" Trail.
  42. Added Upper Stoney Squaw Trail.
  43. Added Star Wars Trail.
  44. Added Prospector Trail.
  45. Added Lower Stoney Squaw Trail.
  46. Added Reclaimer Trail.
  47. Added Special K Trail.
  48. Added Race of Spades Trail.
  49. Added T-Dub Trail.
  50. Added Jean Guy Trail.
  51. Added SLF Trail.
  52. Added Toothless Trail.
  53. Added Billy Dog Trail.
  54. Updated Stoney Trail.
  55. Updated Prairie Creek Trail.
  56. Updated Moose Packers Trail.
  57. Added Highline (Canmore) Trail.
  58. Added Moraine Lake Trail.
  59. Added Hamilton Lake Trail.
  60. Added Lake Louise Tramline Trail.
  61. Added Sundance Trail.
  62. Added Twin Falls Trail.
  63. Updated Wapta Falls Trail.
  64. Added Brakeless Trail.
  65. Updated Og Pass Trail.
  66. Updated "The Nub" route.
  67. Added veious track in teh Mt. Assiniboine area.
  68. Added Assiniboine Pass Trail.
  69. Completed Bryant Creek Trail.
  70. Added Healy Creek Trail.
  71. Added Brewster Creek Trail (to Sundance Lodge).
  72. Updated Lake Magog Trail.
  73. Added O'Brien Meadows Trail.
  74. Added Cautley Meadows Trail.
  75. Added Rice Bowl Route.
  76. Added Mount Tyrwhitt Route.
  77. Added Crownest Lake Trail.
  78. Added Devils Thumb Route.
  79. Added Maligne Pass Trail.
  80. Completed Wonder Pass Trail.
  81. Added Marvel Lake Trail.
  82. Added McGillvray Creek Trail.
  83. Added Battle River Spillway Trails.
  84. Added Windy Ridge Summit Route.
  85. Updated Ole Buck Campground and Loop.

Revision 1.18 (January 30, 2011)

  1. Changed the way maps are installed to allow background maps to work with the current versions of Mapsource and Basecamp.  See this page for more details.
  2. Added Lowrance version.
  3. Updated Elbow View trail near Diamond T Loop.
  4. Completed trail on west side of Spray Lakes.
  5. Added trails in Spring Creek cross country ski area.
  6. Added Tay River snowmobile trails.
  7. Added Old Baldy Pass Trail (from aerial image overlay).
  8. Added Carnarvon Lake Trail.
  9. Updated Cox Hill Trail.
  10. Updated Prairie Creek Trail.
  11. Added trails to the Bearberry area.
  12. Updated Powderface ridge.
  13. Updated Wind Ridge trail.
  14. Added Guinn’s Pass Trail (southern portion).
  15. Updated Yamnuska trails.
  16. Update Pigeon Mountain Trails.
  17. Updated Tent Ridge Route.
  18. Updated Baril Creek Trail.
  19. Updated Fording Pass Trail.
  20. Updated Centennial ridge trail.
  21. Added western half of Crystal Line Trail.
  22. Updated Moose Mountain Trail.
  23. Updated Whiskey Jack Trail.
  24. Added High Level Trail.
  25. Added Sunburst Loop Trail.
  26. Updated Skogan Pass Trail.
  27. Added Evan Thomas Trail (northern half).
  28. Added Bryant Lake Trail.
  29. Added Helmut Creek Trail.
  30. Added King’s Creek Route.
  31. Added Drywood Creek Trail.
  32. Added Mt Galoway Route.
  33. Updated Bertha Lake Trail.

Revision 1.17 (December 7, 2009)

1.      Added two types of custom lines.  A new style with thicker lines for use on higher resolution devices like the Colorado and Oregon series has been added and is called “high visibility”.  Some small changes have been made to the existing line style as well which is now called “low visibility”.

2.      Updated trails in the northwest Dutch Creek area.

3.      Added Tornado Pass Trail.

4.      Added Window Mountain Lake Trail (partial).

5.      Added Crown Mountain Trail (southern half).

6.      Added Alexander Creek Trail (old road on east side of creek).

7.      Added Phillipps Pass Road.

8.      Added Tent Mountain Pass Trail.

9.      Added Ptolemy Pass Trail.

10.  Added trail Hill Trail.

11.  Added Goat Creek Trail.

12.  Added Lost Creek Trail.

13.  Added South Lost Creek trail.

14.  Added Mud Lake Trail (Near L. Louise).

15.  Added Parker Ridge Trail.

16.  Added Geraldine Lakes Trail.

17.  Added Bald Hills Trail.

18.  Added Allsmoke Mountain Route.

19.  Added Bear’s Hump Trail.

20.  Added Cat Creek Falls Trail.

21.  Added Crowsnest Mountain Trail.

22.  Added Death Valley Loop Trail.

23.  Updated Death Valley Trail.

24.  Added/Updated Grizzly Col Trail.

25.  Updated Mount Lipsett Trail.

26.  Added Mcconnell Ridge Route.

27.  Added Opal Ridge North Route.

28.  Updated Table Mountain Trail.

29.  Added Wilcox Pass Trail.

30.  Added Barrier Lake Forestry trails.

31.  Added Yoho Pass Trail.

32.  Added Wapta Highline Trail.

33.  Added Burgess Pass Trail.

34.  Updated Helmet Creek Trail.

35.  Updated Tumbling Creek Trail.

36.  Added Wolverine Pass Trail.

37.  Added Ice Cave Trail (Canyon Creek).

38.  Completed Junction Mountain Trail.

39.  Added Phone Line Trail.

40.  Added Wolf Creek Trail (partial west end).

41.  Added Healy Simpson Connector Trail.

42.  Added Pocaterra Trail (south end).

43.  Updated Lookout Trail.

44.  Added Kiska LO Trail.

45.  Added Highwood Pass to Grizzly Col Ridge Route.

46.  Added Akamina Ridge Route.

47.  Added Forum Lake Trail.

48.  Added Rowe Lakes trail.

49.  Added Lineham Creek Trail.

50.  Updated Citadel Pass Trail.

51.  Added Sunshine Ski Out Trail.

52.  Added Og Pass Trail.

53.  Added Windy Ridge Viewpoint Trail.

54.  Added Wonder Pass Trail.

55.  Added Lake Magog Trail.

56.  Added Sunburst/Elizabeth Lakes trail.

57.  Added “The Nub” route.

58.  Added Alpine Meadow Trail.

59.  Added All Souls’ Alpine Route.

60.  Added West Opabin Trail (partial).

61.  Added Wiwaxy Gap Alpine Route.

62.  Added Huber Ledges Alpine Route.

63.  Added Sherbrook Lake/Creek Route.

64.  Added North Molar Pass Trail.

65.  Added Pipestone Pass Trail.

66.  Added Clearwater Pass Trail (partial).

67.  Added Cirque Peak Route.

68.  Added Bow Peak Route.

69.  Added Caldron Lake Route.

70.  Added Nigel Pass Trail.

71.  Added Cataract Pass Trail.

72.  Added large amount of ATV trails to the Bearberry area (thanks ATV Frontier).

73.  Added trail from Fullerton loop to Ranger ridge.

74.  Added Carthew-Alderson Trail.

75.  Added Lac Des Arcs Waterfowl Viewing Trail.

76.  Added ATV trails in the Porcupine hills.

All of the following plus many more trails (200km+) added thanks to KFBradley.

77.  Added Badlands Trail.

78.  Added Beaver Creek Trail.

79.  Added Bike Pit

80.  Added Bridge

81.  Added Cottonwood Flats Trail.

82.  Added Coulee Viewpoint Trail.

83.  Added Duke of Sutherland Park Trail.

84.  Added Fairview Park Trail.

85.  Added Firerock Trail.

86.  Added Greenbrook Park Trail.

87.  Added Highline Trail.

88.  Added Hoodoo Trail.

89.  Added Horseshoe Canyon Trail.

90.  Added Interpreter Centre

91.  Added Kinbrook Marsh Trail.

92.  Added Lake Stafford Park Trail.

93.  Added Lakeside Trail.

94.  Added Lodgepole Trail.

95.  Added Lookout

96.  Added McKay Park Trail.

97.  Added Meadow Lake Park Trail.

98.  Added Mitchell Creek Trail.

99.  Added Old Baldy Viewpoint

100.    Added Orchard Lea Park Trail.

101.    Added Plateau Trail.

102.    Added Prairie Trail.

103.    Added Redcliff Riverview

104.    Added Restroom

105.    Added Rodeo Loop Trail.

106.    Added Shoreline Trail.

107.    Added Soggy Bottom Trail.

108.    Added Spring Creek Trail.

109.    Added Spruce Coulee Trail.

110.    Added Streamside Trail.

111.    Added Sunset Trail.

112.    Added Tillebrook Trail.

113.    Added Trail of the Fossil Hunters.

Revision 1.16 (July 16, 2009)

  1. Updated Waiparous Valley Road.

2.      Updated trails in north-western Bowmont park following new alignments.

3.      Added trails in the Bankhead area.

4.      Added trails in the Chester Lake area.

5.      Updates to Death Valley Trail.

6.      Updated part of the Lusk Pass Trail.

7.      Added Protected areas to the Mapsource overview map.

8.      Added Old Buck Mountain South Ridge Route.

9.      Added Baril Creek Trail.

10.  Added Amerada Trail.

11.  Updated all trails in the Ghost Fluz to match the SRD published trail maps.

12.  Updates to the Chester Lake area trail system.

13.  Added Cascade Amphitheatre Trail.

14.  Added Coliseum Mountain Trail.

15.  Added Waterton Lakeshore Trail (west side).

16.  Added Bryant Creek Trail (up to shelter).

17.  Added North Kananaskis Pass (Maude Lake) Trail.

18.  Added Upper Canyon Creek Ridges Route.

19.  Added Livingston Range South Ridge Route.

20.  Added Spionkop Creek Trail.

21.  Added alternative route for Table Mountain.

22.  Added Maude-Lawson (Turbine Canyon) Trail.

23.  Added Indian Oil Trail.

24.  Added Gorge Creek Trail (partial)

25.  Added Blue Rock Creek Trail.

26.  Added Junction Mountain Trail.

27.  Added Packers Trail.

28.  Added Ford Creek Trail (northern section).

29.  Added Memorial Lakes Trail.

30.  Added alternative route on Pigeon Mountain.

31.  Added Healy Meadows Trail.

32.  Added Ochre Creek Trail.

33.  Added tumbling Creek Trail.

34.  Added Numa Creek Trail.

35.  Added Kindersley Pass Trail.

36.  Added Sinclair Creek Trail.

37.  Added Kindersley Summit Route.

38.  Added Lake Agnes Trail.

39.  Added Big Beehive Trail.

40.  Added Porcupine Hills Ridge Route.

41.  Updates to Crowsnest pass area trails based on CNPQuadsquad maps.

Revision 1.15 (November 9, 2008)

  1. Added Arethusa Cirque Trail.

2.      Added Blueberry Hill Trail.

3.      Added Elk Pass Trail.

4.      Added Elk Lakes Trail.

5.      Added Lesueur Ridge Route.

6.      Added Marl Lake Trail.

7.      Added Skogan Loop Trail.

8.      Updated Stewart Creek Trail (Middle Sister Route).

9.      Added Read’s Ridge Trail.

10.  Added Sparrowhawk Creek Trail (lower section to read’s Ridge Turn).

11.  Updated Nihani Ridge Rt.

12.  Updated Galatea Creek Trail.

13.  Added Threepoint Mountain Trail (northern half).

14.  Added Upper Threepoint Creek Trail (western end).

15.  Added Forgetmenot Mountain South route.

16.  Updated Ribbon Falls Trail.

17.  Added Crypt Lake Trail.

18.  Added Hell Roar Falls Trail.

19.  Added Packers Trail (western section).

20.  Added Smuts Pass Trail.

21.  Updated Tent Ridge Route.

22.  Added North Eastern end of Upper Kananaskis Lake Circuit.

23.  Added Wall Lake Trail.

24.  Added Forum Falls Trail.

25.  Added Zephyr Creek Trail.

26.  Added Lower Cataract Creek Trail (northern section).

27.  Many addition to Calgary city path including route from Calgary the Chestemere.

28.  Added trails in Brown Lowery PP.

29.  Added Cimarron Parkway (Okotoks).

30.  Added Woodhaven Parkway (Okotoks).

31.  Added Max Bell Parkway (Okotoks).

32.  Added Kovach Link Trail.

33.  Added Kovach Trail.

34.  Added Aspen Trail.

35.  Major revisions to the Mclean Creek FLUZ based on track data from  Big thanks guys!!

36.  Added Rockbound Lake Trail.

37.  Updated Pasque Mountain Trail and Added Decent route.

38.  Added West Side Trail (Spray Lakes)

39.  Added east end of Bryant Creek Trail.

40.  Added Lower Etherington Creek Trail (to Hells Ridge north access).

41.  Added Hells Ridge Route.

42.  Updated Old Goat Glacier Trail.

Revision 1.14 (July 12. 2008)

  1. Added TYP customization to “trails” and “unpaved roads”.  This changes the ways these items are shown on newer Garmin GPS units and in Mapsource, increasing visibility.

2.      Added road and water data that is only viewable in Mapsource in order to aid in route planning.  See the FAQ section for more information.

3.      Removed paved roads and water features from the maps that upload to the GPS units.  This is to reduce clashing of data with other maps.  If you need road maps, please download Ibycus’ great and free map set.

4.      Added MAC version.

5.      Added trails in Scenic Acres and Bowness Park.

6.      Added many trails to Confederation Park and area.

7.      Added bike path in Bow Valley PP.

8.      Added Grassy Mountain Trail.

9.      Updated Dutch Creek Road.

10.  Added Beaver Creek Trails.

11.  Added Deadman’s Pass Trail (Road).

12.  Added trail in the Indian Graves area.

13.  Added Daisy Creek Trail.

14.  Added Lyndon Creek Trail.

15.  Added Seven Bridges Trail.

16.  Added Seven Sisters Trail.

17.  Added Hidden Creek Trail.

18.  Added Sugarloaf Mountain Trail.

19.  Added Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad Trail Markers.

20.  Updated Sky House descent route.

21.  General updates in the Ghost Fluz to better match the current map including addition of trail in the northern section using overlay of the published map.

22.  Corrected display of object names in older units introduced in version 1.13.

23.  Changed “Cutlines” from “trail” object to “powerline” to improve visual differentiation of trail types.

24.  Major additions and corrections to the area south of Kananaskis to the border using Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad maps, GPS data and satellite image overlays.  Thanks to the CNP Quad Squad for the great maps and permission to use them.  This is only partially completed at this time.  More to come in the next revision.

25.  Added Fording Pass Trail.

26.  Added Chester Mountain Route (from Chester Lake).

27.  Changed zoom levels for some object in Magellan version to aid in viewing (please provide feedback).

Revision 1.13 (March 20, 2008)

  1. Many updates and additions to Calgary paths using both GPS data and satellite image overlay.

2.      Nose Hill Park coverage up to around 80% by GPS.

3.      Adjustment of levels so some trails shown on preview map.

4.      Completed Tom Snow Trail.

5.      Completed Lusk Pass Trail.

6.      Added TransCanada Trail from Heart Mountain to Dead Man’s Flats.

7.      Completed Goat Creek Trail.

8.      Updated Moose Creek Loop.

9.      Updated Tunnel Mountain Trail.

10.  Added Baseline Lookout Trail.

11.  Added Elk Flats Trail.

12.  Added Many Springs Trail.

13.  Added road in Bow Valley Provincial Park.

14.  Added Riverview Trail.

15.  Added Bow River Trail (in Bow Valley PP).

16.  Added Moraine Trail.

17.  Added Whitefish Trail.

18.  Completed Hostel Loop Trail.

19.  Added Troll Falls Trail.

20.  Added Heritage Parkway Trail (Okotoks).

21.  Major re-work of all Fish Creek Park trails to match current trail map and corrections using satellite image overlays.

22.  Added trails in the Cross Conservatory.

23.  Added Hydroline Trail.

24.  Added Elk Pass Trail (northern half).

25.  Added some trails in the Sawmill area.

26.  Completed Big Elbow trail.

27.  Added Tombstone Lakes Trail.

28.  Added Hay Meadow Trail.

29.  Added Death’s Head Trail.

30.  Added North Fork Trail (southern portion to Death’s Head intersection).

31.  Added Maligne Canyon Trail.

32.  Added Old Fort Trail.

33.  Added Overlander Trail.

34.  Added Overlander Loop Trail.

35.  Added Skogan Pass Trail (southern portion).

Revision 1.12 (November 28, 2007)

  1. Added Lusk Pass Trail (eastern end only).

2.      Added Canadian Mt. Everest Interpretive Trail.

3.      Added King Creek Route.

4.      Added Sibbald Viewpoint Trail.

5.      Added Aster Lake Trail.

6.      Added Northover Ridge Trail.

7.      Completed Big and Little Elbow Trails.

8.      Added Galatea Trail.

9.      Completed mapping of the major trails in eastern Edworthy Park including the Douglas Fir Trail.

10.  Added Hummingbird Creek Road.

11.  Added Ram Ridge Trail.

12.  Added Burstall Pass Trail.

13.  Added Galatea Lakes Trail.

14.  Added Wolf Creek Trail.

15.  Added Ram River Trail.

16.  Added Old Goat Glacier Trail.

17.  Updated Ribbon Falls Trail.

18.  Added Canary Creek Trail.

19.  Added South Ram River Trail.

20.  Added Ranger Creek Trail.

21.  Updated Pine Woods Loop Trail.

22.  Added Livingstone Fire Lookout Trail.

23.  Added Marble Mountain Trails.

24.  Added eastern half of Hostel Loop Trail.

25.  Added Buller Pass Trail.

26.  Added Porcupine Ridge Trail.

27.  Added route to Ole Buck Mountain.

28.  Completed western end of the Tom Snow Trail.

29.  Added Foran Grade Trail.

30.  Added Volcano Ridge Trail.

31.  Updated Windy Peak Hills Trails.

32.  Updates to western Bowness Park area.

33.  Added Burnt Timber Lookout Trail.

34.  Added Silverton Falls Trail.

35.  Added southern part of Rockbound Lake Trail.

36.  Added Gorge Link Trail.

37.  Added Link Creek Trail (western portion).

38.  Added Red Rock Canyon Trail.

39.  Added Blakiston Falls Trail,

40.  Added Linnet Lake Trail.

41.  Added Cameron Lake Trail.

42.  Added many trails in Nose Hill Park.  Approximately 40% coverage by GPS.  Remaining trails draw by overlay on the official map.

43.  Updates to Fish Creek Park Trails.

44.  Added trails in the Barrier Lake Recreation Area.

45.  Added Crystal Line Trail.

46.  Updated West Bragg Creek Parking area.

Revision 1.11 (September 4, 2007)

  1. Added Diamond T Trail.

2.      Updated trails along river west of Valley Ridge.

3.      Added alternative eastern start to Powderface trail (original trail).

4.      Added Sibbald Forest Exhibit Trail

5.      Added Sibbald Lake Recreation Area Campground.

6.      Added Death Valley Trail.

7.      Added Windy Point Trail.

8.      Added Junction Hill Routes.

9.      Some Additions to east Edworthy Park.

10.  Added Missinglink mountain south west ridge route.

11.  Added missing portion of Jumpingpound Ridge Trail.

12.  Added missing portion of Cox Hill Trail.

13.  Added a variety of trails around the northern end of Abraham Lake.

14.  Added Pigeon Mountain Trail.

15.  Added western half of Skogan Pass Trail.

16.  Updated Ford Knoll and Deer Ridge.

17.  Added various parking loops and campgrounds along the Elbow Falls Trail.

18.  Updated Mount Burke Trail.

19.  Added Cataract Cr and Etherington Campgrounds.

20.  Added Egypt Lake Trail.

21.  Added Scarab Lake Trail.

22.  Added Talc Lake Trail.

23.  Added Eiffel Lake Trail.

24.  Added Mount Bourgeau Route (from Bourgeau Lake).

25.  Added Mount Rundle Route (normal route).

26.  Added Racehorse Pass Trail.

27.  Added North Fork Pass trail.

28.  Added trail to DC-3 crash site south of Coleman.

29.  Added Citadel Pass Trail.

30.  Added Bow Glacier Trail.

31.  Added some Nose Creek area trails.

32.  Added Pasque Mountain Trail.

33.  Added Wind Ridge Trail.

Revision 1.10 (May 2, 2007)

  1. Made maps routable.

2.      Added Ole Buck Loop Trail.

3.      Added Jumpingpound Demonstration loop road.

4.      Corrected Fir Creek Point Trail.

5.      Added some trails and parking areas in Nose Hill Park.

6.      Added Middle Lake Trail.

7.      Added Montane Trail.

8.      Added Quaite Creek Trail.

9.      Update Heart Creek Trail.

10.  Added one trail in the Ravencrest area.

11.  Added Jumpingpound Loop Trail Connector

12.  Added some trails in Scenic Bow Park.

13.  Added Lost Knife Trail.

14.  Added western portion of Meadow Creek Trail from Lost Knife junction.

15.  Updated Waiparous Valley Road/Trail.

16.  Added White Buddha Access (Gunsight Hill).

17.  Added Struggle Hill Route.

18.  Added Sundog Loop.

19.  Update Tom Snow added northern extent.

20.  Added Hogarth Lakes Loop.

21.  Added Lake Agnes Trail.

22.  Added Watridge Lake Trail.

23.  Added Karst Spring Trail.

24.  Added Penstock Loop.

25.  Updated and added trails in Brown Lowery PP.

26.  Small updates to eastern Fish Creek Park.

Revision 1.09 (January 12, 2007)

  1. Added Mount Rae Route.

2.      Added Green Mountain and Ridge Trails.

3.      Minor corrections to Griffith Woods area including additions of newer roads.

4.      Added Bull Creek Hills Trail and Route.

5.      Added Memory Lake Trail,

6.      Added Galena Miracle Mine Trail.

7.      Added Three Valley Lakes Trail.

8.      Updated Ha Ling Mountain Route.

9.      Updated Headwall Lakes Trail.

10.  Updated "The Fortress" routes.

11.  Added trails in West Campus Park.

12.  Added Upper Kananaskis Lakes Circuit.

13.  Added King Creek Ridge Route.

14.  Added Flowing Lakes Trail.

15.  Added some trails in Big Hill springs PP.

16.  Added Bowness Park Roads.

17.  Added Deer Ridge Trail.

18.  Added Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Trails.

19.  Added trails in Brown-Lowery PP.

20.  Updated Alder Trail.

21.  Updated eastern half of Elbow Valley Trail.

22.  Completed Mclean Creek Interpretive Trail.

23.  A variety of clean up and ensuring trails intersect properly.

24.  Added Cox Hill.

Revision 1.08 (September 15, 2006)

  1. Added Whiskey Jack Tr.
  2. Added North half of Kananaskis Lookout Trail.
  3. Added Nihahi Ridge Trail
  4. Added South Kananaskis Pass Trail.
  5. Added Route from Three Isle Lake to Northover Ridge.
  6. General cleanup and improvements around the Kananaskis lakes area.
  7. Added Ram Lookout Trail.
  8. Added Mclean Pond Interpretive Trail.
  9. Added Bow and Elbow Rivers through Calgary.
  10. Some minor updates and corrections to trails in Calgary.
  11. Corrections to Black Rock Mountain Lookout Trail.
  12. Add the Pika Cave Route.
  13. Completed main trails in Weaselhead park.
  14. Added Alymer Lookout Trail.
  15. Added Ball Pass Trail.
  16. Added Boom Lake Trail.
  17. Added Loop trail in Brown-Lowery PP.
  18. Added Cory Pass Trail.
  19. Added Flow Lake Trail.
  20. Added Grizzly Peak Route.
  21. Added Harvey Pass Trail.
  22. Added Jumpingpound Trail.
  23. Added Larch Valley Trail.
  24. Added Paradise Valley Trail (eastern route).
  25. Added Mist Ridge and Creek Trails.
  26. Added O'Brien Lake Trail.
  27. Added Old Baldy Trail.
  28. Added Plateau Mountain Trail.
  29. Added Pacaterra Ridge Trail.
  30. Added Prairie Link Trail.
  31. Added Rae Glacier Route.
  32. Added Stanley Glacier Trail.
  33. Added Tent Ridge Route.
  34. Added Three Point Creek Trail.
  35. Added Wapta Falls Trail.

Revision 1.07 (July 17, 2006)

  1. Updated Silvester trail.
  2. Updated Quirk trail.
  3. Updated Quirk Ridge trail.
  4. Added Belmore Browne and Tiara Peak Routes.
  5. Added Sentinel Peak Trail.
  6. Added Grotto Mountain Route.
  7. Added Moose Loop Trail.
  8. Added a few Trails in the Brule Lake area.
  9. Updated Fisher West Trail.
  10. Updated Mclean Trail.
  11. Added Southern part of Tom Snow Trail.
  12. Added Ptarmigan Cirque Tr.
  13. Added Picklejar Lakes Tr.
  14. Added Grass Pass Trail.
  15. Added Mount Head Ascent and Descent Routes from Wileman Creek.
  16. Added trails in Tuscany ravine.
  17. Added Powderface Trail (Road), Elbow Falls Trail (Road) from Bragg Creek Turnoff plus Kanaskis trail (road), Sibbald Flats Trail (road) and Spray Lakes Road.
  18. Added some trails to Weaselhead park.

Revision 1.06 (June 7, 2006)

  1. Added gravel road extention to 135 Ave S.
  2. Corrected road to Bibo Grove in FCP.
  3. Added some overlay trails along the Elbow Fall trail.
  4. Added paved path in Weaselhead park.
  5. Added some trails and Parking in Douglasdale Park.
  6. Added parking areas, restrooms and some pathways in Edworthy Park.
  7. Updated trails around Burnside and Bankside in FCP.
  8. Updated trail data, parking and access in Bowmont park.
  9. Added access road to Husky Gas well near Elbow Falls.
  10. Updated trail to Elbow falls through Mclean Creek FLUZ.
  11. Updated Priddis East Trail.
  12. Mass adjustment to trails in the Ghost FLUZ to match new trail designation and marker locations.  Marker locations supplied by teh Alberta Government.
  13. Added Headwall Lakes trail.
  14. Added route to "The Fortress" from Headwall lakes and Chester lake.

Revision 1.005 (March 16, 2005)

  1. More corrections to Fish Creek Park data.  Mostly for east end roads.
  2. Improved accuracy of the Ghost River Trail (road).
  3. Added in the forestry trunk road where it goes through the Ghost/Waiparous area.
  4. Added Pocaterra Cirque Trail.
  5. Added some of the Bow River Bike Path,
  6. Improved the main paved path in Bowmont Park.
  7. Added Moose Mountain Road and trail.
  8. Added the missing parts of Stoney Trail.
  9. Added some trail along river in Cochrane.
  10. Completed Elbow Valley Trail
  11. Completed Sulphur Springs Trail
  12. Added Riverview Trail.
  13. Added Elbow Pass/Lake Trail.
  14. Added Rae Lake Trail.
  15. Added Emerald Lake Loop Trail
  16. Added Emerald Basin Trail.
  17. Added Healy Pass Trail.
  18. Lengthened Heart Creek Trail.
  19. Added Part of Johnson Creek Trail.
  20. Added north part of Jumpingpound Ridge Trail.
  21. Added Old Mill Trail.
  22. Added Plain of the 6 Glaciers Trail.
  23. Added Ribbon Creek Trail.
  24. Added Grass Pass Trail.
  25. Added Fir Creek Point Trail.
  26. Added Wasootch Ridge Trail.
  27. Added Wasootch Creek Trail.
  28. Added Windy Peak Hills Trail.
  29. Added South End of Rundle Trail.
  30. Added Tunnel Mountain Hoodoos Trail
  31. Added Square Butte Trail.
  32. Added Sulfur Mountain Trail.
  33. Added Rasberry Lookout Trail.
  34. Added Mount Baldy West Ridge.
  35. Added aprt of Little Elbow Trail
  36. Added North Ascent of Mount Glasgow.
  37. Added South Ridge of Mount Indefatigable.
  38. Added Mount Burke Trail.
  39. Added Mockingbird Lookout Road
  40. Added "House of Sky" decent route.

Revision 1.004 (October 31, 2005)

  1. Increased quality of  Fish Creek Park data.  Around 50% of trails, all the waterways and some waypoints.
  2. Corrected errors in Valley trail data.
  3. Revised levels to match Mapsource Topo Canada levels.

Revision 1.003 (October 4, 2005)

  1. Added Alder trail
  2. Updated waypoints on Fullerton Loop Trail.
  3. Changed mapset name to "Calgary Trail Maps".
  4. Added all trails in the Canmore area (supplied by the Alberta Government).

Revision 1.002 (September 7, 2005):

  1. Incorporated the files into a self extracting windows installer for Mapsource use.
  2. Added the following 26  trails

Revision 1.001B (September 4, 2005):