Southern Alberta Trail Mapping Project






Trail List


*****  IMPORTANT NOTE ******

A workaround for the Mapsource and Basecamp display problems has been implemented in version 1.18.  Please ensure that you read this page for more details.

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If you would like to be notified up map updates send a note to our e-mail address and let us know.

If you have any problems e-mail to

1)  Garmin Brand GPS Receivers

  1. File Copy to the GPSr.  If you have a new style Nuvi you can simply download and copy one of the following files to the MAP directory on the unit's internal or external memory.  If you have and older unit or a handheld unit, you copy the files to the GARMIN directory.  With old style units rename the file to GMAPSUPP.IMG
  1. THICK lines and ROUTING.
  2. THIN lines and ROUTING.
  3. THICK lines and NO routing.
  4. THIN lines and NO routing.
  1. Installation to Mapsource/Basecamp/Mapinstall (on a PC)
  1. Download and extract the "Mapsource Installation File".
  2. Open the file "SATM.exe" contained in the ZIP file and follow the instruction for installation.  The maps will now be visible in Mapsource and Basecamp.  Press CTRL-G twice in order to clear the image cache from the previous version.

To install the maps to a GPS from a PC:
  1. Open Mapsource.  In the Map selection tab in the upper left corner, click on the pull down arrow and select "Southern Alberta Trail Maps".  This will bring up a single map with all of the trail information.
  2. Choose this map and any other maps that you require in the normal fashion and download then to your GPSr as normal.  The trail map should show up on top of any other maps that are loaded to your unit.  Be careful to only choose the trail map and not the background map.  See this page for more details.  This is easier to manage with Mapsource than with Mapinstall and therefore suggest the use of Mapsource.  Within Mapsource, you can also choose to include routing information, which is not possible within Mapinstall.
  1. Installation to Basecamp/Roadtrip/Mapinstall (on a MAC)
  1. Download and extract the "MAC version Mapsource Installation File".  It is a ZIP file.
  2. Make sure that MapManager is installed on your computer.
  3. Browse to the folder extracted earlier called "Southern Alberta Trails.gmapi", double click on it and then the "Install" button.
  4. Maps can then be installed to a GPS using Garmin's Mapinstall program.


2)  Other  Files for other brand units and computer use.....

  1. GPX Version.  Good for "other" use...
  2. KMZ Version.  For use on Google Earth.
  3. ESRI Shape Version.  For use on Magellan units.  See here for a tutorial.
  4. Source Files. Includes Polish format map.