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Map Design Changes Starting with Version 1.18


In versions of the maps from 1.14 to 1.17, road and waterway details were provided in a background map that could only be seen in Mapsource.  This was very handy for planning, but allowed each user to choose their own background map on the GPS.  Unfortunately, Garmin made a change to Mapsource in version 6.16.1 that prevented the detailed trail maps from being visible in Mapsource.  This problem also has affected all versions of Basecamp.  It seems that Garmin will not be solving this bug in the near future.  In order to allow for the background maps, we have developed a workaround.


Starting in versions 1.18, the background map is now being installed as a detailed map similar to the trail maps.  It shows within Mapsource and Basecamp behind the Trail Maps.


Most users will not want to have these background maps on their GPS as it will cover up whatever road maps that they want to use.  It is important that everyone be careful not to install the background maps with the detailed maps.  The background map is called “Mapsource Only”.  Please check the map tab and delete this map if it is shown (and you do not want it) before sending to the GPS.


The screenshot below shows the map selection with only the Trail Maps and will be preferred by most users.  Note the “Include route calculation data” checkbox.  Only check this if autorouting is desired.

The screenshot below shows the background map selected as well.  If you do not want the background map on the GPS, selected that map on the map sidebar and delete it.


If you are using Mapinstall (or launching it from Basecamp, you cannot see what tiles are chosen.  Be careful to only click ones and do NOT grab a window.  The file size is aroun 0.8 MB, so that is the change in availble space you should see.  If you need to remove tiles, hold CTRL and grab a window.  Below is correct....

If you grab too much, the map is darker and the free storage drops a lot!, like this!  Clear like mud?