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This project exists to coordinate and compile trail data for the area of interest to people living in Southern Alberta, Canada.  The maps cover all areas from Red Deer and south to the USA border.  This data is built into a map compatible with mapping capable Garmin and Magellan brand GPSr units.  The maps are made to be "transparent" and routable with Garmin receivers.  This allows other maps such as Mapsource products or the GPSr base map to be viewed at the same time.   The maps can be integrated with other Mapsource products or loaded directly to the GPSr.

The intent of this project is to map trails that are not otherwise available within existing Mapsource products.  For this reason, items such as roads are not to be found within these maps.  If you need road maps, you can purchase the quality Garmin MapSource products or you can try some of the free options.  This project will only show “legal” trail or routes.  In areas that have management plans that include access restrictions, we try to ensure that only designated trails are shown on the maps.  If you are a Land Manager or any other person that has found a discrepancy between the trails shown and the designated trails for that area, please contact us immediately at the email address provided above and we will rectify the situation ASAP.


Ibycus has finished a project to compile all of the Federal Topographic data into one free mapset.  These are available via a torrent.  See for more details.  These maps also include the best available free road data.  All Federal topographic maps are now available free in GeoTiff (bitmap) and ESRI Shape (vector) formats at Geogratis.


Routeable maps for the whole world based on the wonderful OpenStreetMap project are available at:

If you would like to use the maps, visit the Downloads section and follow the instructions found there.

If you would like to donate trail data, please read the F.A.Q section and then send the track log to our e-mail address.

If you would like to be notified up map updates send a note to us by clicking on this link to send us an e-mail with “Subscribe” in the subject.